Guidelines for Colloquium (Spring 2021)【109學年第2學期】  
2021-04-01胡尚秀 Shang-Hsiu Hu 副教授Functional Nanoplatforms for Tumor Penetration of Therapeutics楊立威 Lee-Wei Yang 教授 
2021-03-25李金美 Chin-Mei Lee 助理教授How plants tell the time劉姿吟 Tzu-Yin Liu 副教授 
2021-03-18林書葦 Sue-wei Lin 副研究員The Motivated Fly郭崇涵 Tsung-Han Kuo 助理教授 
2021-03-11程淮榮 Hwai-Jong Cheng 特聘研究員兼所長Refinement and Integration of Neuronal Network汪宏達 Horng-Dar Wang 教授 
2021-03-04萬磊 Lei Wan 教授Inflammatory reactions in myopia progression張晃猷 Hwan-You Chang 教授 
2021-02-25楊立威 Lee-Wei Yang 教授Science as well as the coupling between a poor version of it and research integrity  
2021-01-07張典顯 Tien-Hsien Chang 研究員Writing a Fundable Proposal: Reading Reviewer’s Mind汪宏達 Horng-Dar Wang 教授 
2020-12-31李承叡 Cheng- Ruei Lee 副教授Evolutionary genomics for future food security張筱涵 Hsiao-Han Chang 助理教授 
2020-12-24黃國華 Kuo-Hua Huang 助研究員A virtual reality system to analyze neural activity and behavior in adult zebrafish莊永仁 Yung-Jen Chuang 教授、郭崇涵 Tsung-Han Kuo 助理教授 
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