Special Lecture
2020-02-24Prof. Shuo-Chien LingMechanisms underlying amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD)王雯靜教授 Prof. Wen-Ching Wang 
2019-01-31Academician Yaun-Chuan LeeBenefits of Serendipity: Examples in BiosciencesProf. Margaret Dah-Tsyr Chang 
2019-01-15Prof. Carol Eunmi LeeChemoreceptor Evolution Across the ArthropodaDr. Chen Siang “Gene” Ng 
2019-01-08Prof. Helmut J. KrämerBiP AMPylation and long-term visual adaption. Prof. Horng-Dar Wang 
2019-01-02Dr. Cheng-Wei Wang Metabolic enzymes and Notch signaling in tumorigenesisProf. Horng-Dar Wang 
2018-12-04Dr. Ahmad Khaldun IsmailWHO neglected tropical disease: R&D IN Clinical Management for Snakebite Envenoming in Malaysia Prof. Wen-Guey Wu 
2018-11-27Dr. Hwei-Jan Hsu Control of germline stem cell aging in DrosophilaProf. Horng-Dar Wang 
2018-11-20Dr. Wei-Chung Chiang Mitophagy in neurodegeneration and agingProf. Horng-Dar Wang 
2018-11-13Dr. Guang-Chao Chen Autophagy and AgingProf. Horng-Dar Wang 
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